Wedding Video/Cinema

Wedding Video/Cinema

Music Video/Cinema

Music Video/Cinema

Commercial Video/Cinema

Commercial Video/Cinema

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A division of Zach Dalin Photography, Zach Dalin Films is a total experience cinematic studio in the St. Louis area.  Add a level of professionalism and modern flare to your videos and let us take care of your video needs. Our full-service cinema offerings:

  • Commercial
  • Weddings
  • Music


“We loved ZDDJ Music for our event. He did a wonderful job and was very professional. He catered the music to the needs of our guests and created a fun atmosphere. I would recommend him to others!”

Card Care Connection

“It was so great! Thanks for everything! Especially loved your leading and directing of the hora…awesome fun!”

Lynda B.

“Can a wedding video elicit more tears of joy than the actual wedding? Zach Dalin may have found the secret formula to create that effect. His filming at the church and the reception, his choice of special camera effects, and his artful editing of the final video are the key factors that made so many of my family members wipe away tears of a fond memory as we watched Zach’s capturing of our wedding day. And then we all watched it again. And again. He was very professional and so nice, and everyone in my bridal party had nothing but good things to say about him. I would DEFINITELY recommend Zach for anyone’s wedding video, or ANY video for that matter… AWESOME AWESOME!”

Brittany S.


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